A few words from some of our great previous pupils, about
what it is like to be a June Glennie dancer

June Glennie was my second home, my family and i will forever be thankful for everything! I would not be who i am today without years of support, care, constant learning.. (and of corse those finger nails up the backs of my legs haha) I have been lucky enough to make the most amazing memories and the best of friends who will stay friends for life...all the road trips to Dance Festivals, the sleepovers in travelodge rooms, the shows, summer schools, concourses, fates and so much more. Looking back i really did love every minute of it, although at the time I may not have thought so at 8.30am on a saturday morning.... but one thing was certain.. we never did miss a lesson. It is very hard and overwhelming to put my love and thoughts into words because I could go on forever and ever. I will always treasure the discipline I recieved along with everything they taught me because I know that i wouldn't be where I am without it! They introduced me to one of the most important things in my life, the love and passion for Dance. June Glennie you will always hold a massive place in my heart.


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Well, the 5 years I spent at June Glennie School of Dance were truly amazing. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t without the amazing training I had offered to me. Not only did I meet lovely friends and created close bonds but I have changed as a person. I have became a lot more confident since being a June Glennie girl & this has really helped me with a lot of things - I’ve had lots of fab opportunities and took part in so many brilliant things! The training itself was superb - It really pushed me to succeed and achieve my goal which has been made. Getting into a professional musical theatre college wouldn’t of been possible if I didn’t have such hardcore training and support behind me. I had a lovely time spent at this dance school, lots of great memories were made and I miss it dearly. But I wouldn’t be where I was today if it wasn’t for the amazing teachers and the training I had.

What a fabulous school! I miss you X.


I moved to June Glennie’s a little bit late at the age of 16 however it is safe to say that I learnt an incredible amount in my short time and discovered many muscles that I never knew I had! The teaching I received I strongly believe I wouldn't have gotten anywhere else and I’m forever grateful. As for the other dancers, when you join June Glennie’s you really do join a family. The friends I spent every evening dancing with are still my closest friends and I’m sure always will be. I joined the Glennie’s when i was very unhappy and had lost my passion for dance but all thanks to Sharon and Beth I found my confidence again and am now to begin my dance teacher training.

Thank you for the training and all the memories X.




The 11 years I spent at June Glennies school of dance truly shaped the person I am today. It taught me discipline, poise but more importantly grew my confidence enormously. While there I was lucky enough to experience performing at latitude, performing within a Strictly tour and I got partake in the various shows held by the school itself. Although I decided not to follow a dancing career the charisma and confidence I built while being at the school has most definitely helped me in my current career (trainee accountant) during interviews and now internal and client meetings. The friends I made at the dance school are more like sisters and brothers and here I made some of my closest friend which I am still in contact with. Glennies are definitely for life! 


I was part of the June Glennie family for 15 years and can honestly say my time there shaped me into the person I am today. Not only did I develop as a dancer achieving things I am so proud of, I developed independence, responsibility and the confidence to go out into the world and be who I want to be. I made life long friends at Glennie’s and looked forwards to hanging out and catching up with best friends doing what we loved.

Being a Glennie girl was the huge part of my life and I would love to go back!




Although I decided not to choose Dance as a career, the skills I have learnt and the support from everyone there was outstanding. June Glennie School of Dance taught me so much more than just dancing. I learnt hard work, dedication and time management. I learnt to pick things up quickly, to perform under all pressures and it built up my confidence. I learnt that no matter what you still have to get up and go as you can't let the team down. 

June Glennie gave me opportunities to dance in an opera, be part of Latitude festival, do summer schools, be in Pantomime, dance with the strictly tour along with fantastic results in all ISTD Examinations. Sharon, Beth and the whole team are really lovely and will help you achieve the best you can be and the friends you make their you will have for life (not to mention all the amazing dance routines and costumes you get to wear!). I really loved my time at June Glennie and would do it all again if I could.


Doing a festival was amazing, its a bit nerve racking performing somewhere new, but it's exciting too.  A couple of the older girls made me feel welcome backstage putting me at ease, they joined in with my warm up, it made me smile & relax, I belonged. The feeling I got from performing was quite unlike any I had had before, to perform on my own, everyone's eyes on me, I was dancing & singing my heart out, I wanted do my best for myself & Glennies, to be proud of my performance and then to be judged then & there. Thrilling! To stand with other competitors hearing others comments was interesting too. My hard work, determination & my teaching had all enabled me to be successful.